Jennifer McKinnon - Woodturner
Jennifer McKinnon Woodturner Turn-of-Fate Studio Hillsburgh, ON

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    Hanging with the Group of Seven - October 23-25, 2015



Brushed By Art Rogers Channel 63    Life is enriched and mood is improved when it is Brushed by Art.  

Brushed by Art is a TV program that I host and co-produce for Rogers TV Channel 63. This is a local arts program where I have the opportunity to introduce some very intriguing people to you and learn more about their passion, inspiration, process and exhibitions. 

Rogers Cable TV Channel 63 serves Dufferin County, Caledon, Erin & Hillsburgh and is available to 50,000+ subscribers.


Headwaters Arts Festival September 2014 SGI Centre, Alton Ontario

Juried submissions to Headwaters Arts Festival '14 Fellow woodturners checking out my work 



Sticks 'n Stones - Juried Exhibition

 In “Sticks ‘n Stones”, Jennifer McKinnon and Melissa Auchincloss-Smith explore the variability and changing states of wood and stone. Melissa capturing nature’s serenity through photography and Jennifer altering that tranquility through woodturning and sculpture. Both artists showing the inherent beauty in subjects usually considered static, but are in fact in a constant state of change. One focusing on the natural draping and erosion of layers, found imagery, texture and colour. The other uses mass, density and asymmetrical balance to mobilize these earthy matters and presenting them on a different plane.

Together, Melissa and Jennifer share in the celebration of these two materials through an interactive component. They encourage the patrons to share in the creativity and take a brief moment in the subject’s existence where they can interact, interpret and capture its splendour. 






 June 5 to Sunday July 7, 2013

The Dam Gallery, Alton Mill Arts Centre

Circles and cycles … spiraling, transforming and evolving. Rich hues, well-articulated lines and the flow of nature are revealed through the singularly powerful shape of the circle which loops three mediums and three artists together: woodturner Jennifer McKinnon, potter Ann Randeraad and mandala artist CJ Shelton.
As each of us stretches and alters the circular form in our own individual direction, a subtle core thread weaves throughout the entire collection waiting to be discovered in our raw materials of wood, clay and pigment.
And we want to involve you too! Explore what circles and cycles mean to you in an interactive component of the show that will let you become part of our circle. The show may not make you physically “do a 360”, but we hope the core rotations within it will encourage you to consciously see the larger cycles in art… and in life.