Jennifer McKinnon - Woodturner
Jennifer McKinnon Woodturner Turn-of-Fate Studio Hillsburgh, ON

Jennifer McKinnon - Woodturner

Artist Statement

Photo credit: Melissa Auchincloss - Two Sisters Growing Brands

Photo Credit:

Melissa Auchincloss - Two Sisters Growing Brands



When asked why I chose to be a woodturner I laugh and say I didn’t, it chose me. Who knew that a 4 hour course that I was forced highly encouraged to attend (thanks Dad) would be my personal Turn of Fate. I abandoned my extensive craft cupboard for a lathe, some chisels and a hunk of wood. That was back in 2003.

Since then, I inherited my dad’s lathe, bought 2 more, converted the barn into a studio space and I like to think I have created some interesting art.

I find great reward in peeling away the rough exterior of a block of wood to expose the beauty held within. Thankful for the opportunity to celebrate nature`s imperfections I embrace pieces overlooked by most woodworkers. Cankers, Callus’ and Crotches are my diamonds in the rough. Their unpredictable hazards are outweighed by hidden treasures. A life full of storms, damage, recovery, and growth, allows me to expose and embrace the beauty that healing brings.

In 2016 I was awarded the top sculptor at the McMichael Gallery Autumn Art Sale. That was the year I got serious about integrating carving into my work. What a satisfying experience. As a youngster, I felt a great connection with the gallery while gazing out over the treetops. My art was displayed in that exact same window. Was it meant to be or just another lucky Turn-of-Fate.