Jennifer McKinnon - Woodturner
Jennifer McKinnon Woodturner Turn-of-Fate Studio Hillsburgh, ON

G: Melissa Jenkins - Beach, Multi media canvas

36w x 48h, canvas, finished edges

G:  Melissa Jenkins - Beach, Multi media canvas





Artist Statement

Art is my way of escaping into the realm of unbridled and glorious bliss. When I paint, I delve into a world where there is no discipline, no structure and no “right” way to do things. There is simply my canvas, my tools, my imagination and most importantly, my creative freedom.

I initially use modeling paste to create a “textured” look, and then make use of rags and acrylic paint to form the backgrounds of my canvases. I utilize paper, drips of paint and wax, pastels and paint splashes to add layers to my paintings. This defines my need to form structured chaos.